Friday, November 5, 2010

Oodles of Noodles!

Ok, so if you read back through my posts, I think it's pretty evident that a lot of nights I am too lazy to cook something fancy.  I feel bad, because I know that makes me a junk food vegan, which most "true" vegans hate... but a the same time... my food is really good and I don't have all day to cook.  I like to think my cooking is vegan cooking for real people who are pressed for time.  In light of that, hubby and I had to go shopping the other evening.  I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but last night here in Jersey it was just over freezing, and it was pouring rain.  Lovely.  So after our little excursion, we were famished, cold, wet, and tired.  Fun!  So I made like the laziest meal ever.

In case you're unfamiliar, the thing on the left is Indonesian Ramen Noodles.  If you've never experienced Indo Mie noodles before, they are by far superior to any and all other Ramen noodles available on the market.  The secret to their superiority is the four sauce packets, seen here:

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah! *does happy noodle dance* 4 packets are where it's at!  And as long as I am reading the packaging right, the Mi Goreng flavor just so happens to be vegan! (PLEASE alert me if I am wrong, some of the writing in the ingredient list is just food chemical jargon, which I am unfamilar with, but know can sometimes mean there are traces of animal product in there they aren't telling you about.  I don't think there is, but don't hesitate to correct me, I would never want to lead my readers astray!)  Mi Goreng also happens to be the best flavor, in my opinion, so, bonus! Ramen is of course not a meal by itself, (unless you're in college of course!) so I added a can of Peking Vegetarian Roast Duck (which is vegan, don't know why it says vegetarian). 
You will need 4 packs of noodles and 2 cans of duck to make it like I did.

The cooking method went as follows:

Heat noodles in water in Microwave for six minutes, stopping to stir at 3:00.

(I did two packs at a time)

Cut up the duck.

Add noodles and duck to a pan, and pour on sauce packets.

Add some of this:

To taste.  Be generous, but don't go too far.  Know your sweet soy sauce limitations.  Note of caution: Don't think to yourself, "sweet soy sauce, regular, whats the difference?"  The difference is huge.  Kecap Manis Sweet soy sauce is available at most asian grocery stores, as are the Indo Mie noodles... put the effort in, you'll thank me.

The final product looked like this:

It was SO good.  Really hit the spot on a miserable night, and there were even some leftovers for the next day.  But I have to warn ya folks, this is not health food! :)


  1. Your last sentence has me just too curious!! I have to ask...sincere question.....

    What is your reason for going vegan? Is it for health benefits? Or is it just because you don't think an animal should die for you to eat?

    Usually when people change their diets it's due to health reasons...the reason I have dropped gluten (fattening and did you know it's in almost all processed foods, even mustard?), all grains, dairy, white potatoes and processed soy. We haven't had sugar in the house in over a year.

    There is a butt-load of MSG in the meal you ate last night...I'm guessing that's one of the reasons you referred to it as not being health food. Soy sauce is horrible with MSG. MSG has many different names...they do that to try to hide it. ALL PROCESSED SOY CONTAINS MSG. MSG is definitely linked to weight gain and all the illnesses that come with it. MSG also damages and kills cells.

    I'm sharing this because I care about yours and Adam's health!! Even the occasional MSG is very harmful. For quick meals when we're tired, we eat raw...salads or veges dipped in homemade vinaigrette or organic yogurt homemade dip so we know there's no toxins. We try to make at least half our food intake raw. Bragg's Sprinkles do NOT contain MSG and is a great seasoning for dips, dressings and just sprinkled on.

    For what it's worth, do the research. I know you're busy with school and I don't know how you manage that with a job and a husband!! But you can't put a price on your health or put it off till you have time. With the hereditary disposition towards diabetes I feel it's better to share with you than say nothing...because I REALLY CARE!!!! :)

  2. I went vegan for health, BUT that doesn't mean I eat healthy all the time. I give it my best effort, and the days when I can't, I accept that. It was one of those nights where I just didn't have it in me to put out more effort than that, and I am ok with that. I felt like I should warn people that it's not healthy, because some people assume that naything vegan is healthy, and thats not true. Lord knows there are plenty of delicious, unhealthy vegan desserts! As for how often I consume these noodles, don't worry, I have had the box for over a year. Which just goes to show you how many preservatives are in them....... hence the "not health food" warning.

  3. LOOOOOOVE veggie duck! One of my favorite veggie meats. The end product looks really good, I'll have to see if I can find thata brand of ramen. I usually stick with maruchen ramen oriental flavor. Yum, ramen is such a comfort food for me. Perfect for a cold drizzily evening!

  4. Exactly! Find the brand if you can, I think they are the best ramen on the market. Though oriental is pretty good too! :)

  5. Remember when that soy sauce spilled on the carpet and you and Tiff spent hours cleaning it up as I watched??? LOL