Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Delusions of Grandeur

I am so excited right now. I just discovered someone wrote a blog post, about MY mac and cheese recipe!  I am ridiculously happy about this.  Sometimes I feel that my ramblings are only reaching my dear friends and family who feel obligated to read them, but it appears people I don't know are drinking my very-nearly-vegan kool aid too, hurray!  Another blogger posted my mac-and-cheese recipe (with a few of her own substitutions, natch!) and a link to my page, which I find absolutely flattering and I am deeply grateful for!  Please do me a favor and check out her super awesome blog too. 


Thanks again for the shout out, Allison!

As you can see here, I am basking in the warm glow of your recognition:

A mention on someone else's blog?  Can fame and fortune really be that far behind?  Ahhh, goodnight folks, can you tell I am up too late? :)


  1. Aw, Sandy you are too much! I hope you get a bunch of new readers. I love your blog and read it regularly, because I, too, am very nearly vegan.

    I made your AWESOME mac n' cheese for friends tonight and all of them wanted the recipe They couldn't believe it was vegan.

    Try it with the grated onion and let me know what you think. Also, I love nutritional yeast so I always add a lot. The almond milk was a great idea. It gives it that nutty, cheesy flavor!

  2. Thanks again for the support! I am sure I would like the addition of grated onion, and nooch is awesome too. I will definitely give it a whirl. :) Glad your friends enjoyed it!! My lacto-ovo hubby liked it, and he is a bot of a cheese-snob, lol. I think the almond milk is key, much cheesier flavor than soy.