Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ok, so you might notice I have been MIA since Thanksgiving.  My apologies.  I hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, while simultaneously finishing the semester for school so sadly my blog was put on the back burner for a time.  But I plan to make it a priority again, starting now! 

I thought today I would start back up by sharing a fun vegan fact.  Anyone familiar with the Old Spice guy?  Also known by his real name as Isaiah Mustafa?  Turns out he's a vegan!  He had a blurb in a recent issue of People magazine where he mentioned it.  Isn't that cool?  Maybe a picture would help convince you:

Does this guy look like he isn't getting enough protein?  I think not. :)  Looks to me like a vegan diet has done his body good!  Show this to your family and friends the next time they question you.  It should be a short converstion. ;) 


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  2. Ver nice, ver ver nice. :-) mMMmmm... Chocolate. ;-) Vegan Chocolate... ha ha ha ha ha..

    Great post Sandy. Welcome back to blogging! Looking forward for more awesome recipes.