Monday, February 28, 2011

Cocoa a Go-Go (Away Winter...)

So, I am really, really, REALLY done with winter.  I could not be happier with today being the last day of February.  Last week on Monday we had a teaser of this GORGEOUS weather.  It was warm, it was sunny, life was good.  What do I wake up to the next morning?

Ridiculous!  I can't take it anymore!  I mean, I can acknowledge that the snow is beautiful and all, but really.... C'mooooon!!  We got totally dumped on this winter, and I think we met our quota for the year back in January. The state of New Jersey is known for it's schizophrenic weather, but really, haven't we all had enough?!  That same day I received this cartoon in my e-mail, and it seemed to perfectly describe the way I was feeling:

(I did not draw this cartoon, it is not my property, please don't sue me... I just got in an e-mail)

Only in NJ can you have weather in the 60's one day, and then bitter cold, whipping winds, and about 6-10 inches of snow overnight.  Joy.  Anyway, even though I am really moving on to Spring from all this nonsense, I jumped on the chance to have some more hot cocoa, even if I hope it is the last time I need is this year.  When the craving strikes, I like to turn to Ghiradelli and Sweet and Sara Marshmallows, SO good.

Believe it or not, Ghiradelli is naturally vegan, and totally delicious. S&S Mini marshmallows really just amp things up a notch.  They take it to 11, if you will. :)  There are non-vegan directions on the back, but here is how I make mine.  Fill a large mug halfway with water, and four tsp's of mix.  Stir vigorously, and heat for two minutes (watch your mug, sometimes it can boil over).  Add almond milk to the top, stir and taste.  You may want to add some more powder, if you like it rich.  Then, obviously, top with mini's and enjoy.  It should all look a lil' something like this:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Cocoa is just about the last thing I find tolerable about this winter.  Happy last day of February everybody, may we not need anymore cocoa till next winter!

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