Monday, September 27, 2010

Pete and Repeat Were in a Boat.....

Pete fell out.  Who was left?  Repeat.  Ok.  Pete and Repeat were in a boat....

Just kidding!  But today's post is a bit of a repeat.  I know it's the worlds simplest thing to make, but I am back on grilled cheese again.  The awesome webmaster for Galaxy Nutritional Foods took a look at my blog and saw my constant mention of the casein in some of their line, so she sent me a box of FREE VEGAN SAMPLES!  Woo hoo!!  My first free sample experience on my blog, I was so excited!  Any-hoo, included in the samples was a package of their rice vegan slices, which are totally vegan, and I thought that the best way to test a piece of cheese is to make a grilled cheese (the sandwich that is cheeses crowning glory), obviously. 

So first impression, it looked good in the package.  Very kraft singles looking at first glance.  When you open it, the difference between rice slices and veggie slices (their casein containing cousins) becomes evident.  They are firmer, and quite susceptible to breakage issues.  The smell is different too.  Not a bad smell, but not really a cheesy smell.

They cooked quite well actually.  They don't melt as well as veggie slices, but they DO melt, which everyone knows is the true test of a good vegan cheese. 

Ok, first bite.  I'm not gonna lie.... veggie slices are better.  I find them to be indistinuishable from real cheese.  BUT.... rice slices were very good!  I liked them quite well actually, and will buy these instead of veggie slices whenever they are available.  They went great with some Imagine brand tomato soup (with a smidge of tofutti sour cream mixed in, for creaminess). 

I had the cheddar flavor, and hubby had the pepper jack.  He actually loved it, and he is the worlds biggest critic of vegan food.  So, all in all, rice vegan slices for the win.  Definite will-buy-again, even if I will miss my veggie slice cheese doppleganger's from time to time.

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