Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short on Time, Long on Hunger

So last night I had to write a short paper for grad school.  Of course in grad school, a short paper means at least six pages, so it was a decent amount of work.  I came home from work starving, and I didn't feel like having something junky, I wanted real food.  This led me to my go-to in a pinch meal.  Spaghetti!  This is one of the quickest meals, but it's warm, filling, and healthy if you do it right.  I chose Barilla whole wheat pasta (You have to be careful, Barilla whole wheat pasta is vegan, but Barilla Plus, it's other wheat cousin, contains egg), Francesco Rinaldi Tomato & Basil sauce (Some of their line contains cheese or beef broth, just read the back label.  This kind is only normal, healthy ingredients, you don't need a science degree to read the label.), and Galaxy Nutritional Foods Vegan parmesan topping (My fave!  I really NEED some cheese on my pasta, and this is the best substitute I have come across, yummy!).  I had a salad I made the day before on hand, as well as some farm fresh sweet corn, and that took care of dinner. 

As you can see on the side, I have organic raspberry vinagarette and McCormick Salad Toppins' for the salad.  Most croutons seem to contain some sort of cheese, so I get Salad Toppins, which are a mixture of baco' bits (fake bacon), seeds, seasonings and crispies.  They are vegan, and add a nice crunch to the salad, and give it some flavor.  The dinner could have used some protein, but normally I would make veggie meatballs to go with it, and I didn't have the time.  Happy eating!


  1. We love Barilla pasta, it tastes so yummy! I had no idea there was a vegan sprinkle cheese, you learn something new every day.

    BTW, I am reading The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears and I was shocked to learn that most vaccines contain monkey kidney cells, cow liver cells and one even has human fetal cells in it! Not to mention most flu shots still contain mercury! Crazy...

  2. Yeah, it's scary stuff. I am really on the fence about vaccines. I think they have merit, kids used to have HUGE infant mortality rates from common diseases like polio, mumps and measles before vaccines were invented, but why do we insist on putting mercury in them??

  3. Yea, and most vaccines contain aluminum (to make them more effective) and that freaks me out. I am going to use Dr Sears' delayed vaccine schedule. He figured it out so children never get more than two aluminum shots at once instead of 4-5 at a time! Sure it means more shot visits but it may be worth it in the long run. Wish I had known about it when Mya was a baby.

  4. Yeah, I have a bunch of friends doing that delayed vaccine schedule. Makes sense that you would want as little aluminum as possible put into your child.