Monday, September 13, 2010

Stuck in the middle with me

Ok, so I have realized something.  My diet of very-nearly-vegan-ness is apparently a very polarizing stance.  No one claims me anymore.  Some meat eaters think I am an extremist, who will soon surely die of malnutrition, and many vegans think I am blatently offensive.  To quote one very sweet gentleman, "That's BS, either you eat products raped out of cows, or you don't".  To you sir, I say, you are right.  I am not a true vegan.  But the point of this blog, is that I am trying.  And I am succeeding more days than I fail.  To my friends who fear for my life, check out my chub.  I am sure you will see that I am plenty fat enough, even without dairy in my life.  There is no wasting away for me, no matter how much I may wish it, LOL!  Despite these two groups who either fear for my safety, or wish I would jump off a cliff with my occasional-dairy-eating-self, I find that I have had a great out pouring of support, and I just have to thank you guys.  I may be slightly biased, but I think the people who are stuck in the middle with me are the bestest. :)


  1. nice picture! and i applaud your efforts, though i will probably never give up dairy myself:) i bet this is what it feels like when i tell people i'm vegetarian and they say they could never give up meat! lol. <3 danielle

  2. Lol, yeah exactly. It's funny though, I think I liked dairy even more than you. I have never met anyone who drank as much milk as me, lol. Still miss it, but it get's easier as time goes by. I have only had like 3 relapses with milk, lol.

  3. Very-near-veganness is a big step and something to be proud of. I'm glad you are not berating yourself like so many others. Every little bit helps!